4 Essential Reasons to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Companies nowadays are faced with ever-shifting business realities and customer expectations. As the recent pandemic brought to light, brands must often embrace new working methods, new customer engagement strategies, and even new technologies to deliver excellent customer experiences that win loyalty. Now more than ever, cloud-based contact center solutions are the perfect answer to these needs.

Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS, is a software solution based in the cloud and hosted and maintained by a provider such as Vocalcom. Moving to the cloud can offer your company numerous advantages, including greater flexibility, scalability, compliance with security regulations, and reduced costs. According to Gartner, support of hybrid and remote working will accelerate cloud contact center solution adoption, helping fuel a 17.9% global CcaaS end-user spending CAGR through 2026. Gartner also states that CcaaS licenses will represent over 49% of installed contact center agents by the same year, as CcaaS has become the preferred option for contact center investment.

Here are four essential reasons to move your contact center to the cloud.

A flexible and simple solution

Above all, CCaaS is easy to implement and manage. A cloud contact center solution may be deployed quickly with no need for additional IT infrastructure, and its ease of use allows agents to work immediately.

A cloud solution also offers data and processing capabilities on an on-demand basis, allowing for greater flexibility. For example, hosted solutions enable agents to work remotely from home as needed while uniting their work processes with agents still working on-site in contact centers. Contact center supervisors may also monitor agents performance remotely.

CCaaS therefore ensures greater scalability and efficiency across contact centers. Agents have complete autonomy when managing contact center features, allowing for simplified management and real-time reactions. For example, agents can easily deploy IVR menus or chatbots to give customers self-service options—saving them time for more crucial customer interactions. The company deploying the solution has nothing to manage, and interventions are easy as they do not take as much time as on-premise solutions. Unlike traditional on-premise solutions which have their material limits, CCaaS allows companies to respond quickly to rapidly changing customer and agent needs—from managing a crisis situation such as the pandemic to simply expanding working capacity as a business grows.

Lastly, cloud solutions allow your company to enjoy new features more quickly than on-premise versions due to its fast implementation. They also integrate with your CRM seamlessly, allowing agents to access customer data quickly and deliver excellent service efficiently. CCaaS is also the answer to offering 24/7 service if desired, by assigning both on-site and remote agents to different timeslots for around-the-clock support.

Deploying a contact center in the cloud helps you improve your customer service, and therefore customer satisfaction.

A quick and easy switch to remote working

The pandemic forced many businesses to rethink their working processes and find ways to deliver products and services continuously and seamlessly. This was especially challenging for contact centers that needed to move their agents off-site and set up remote working quickly, in order to keep customer support live. Cloud contact center solutions were critical to making this happen. For example, Vocalcom customers were able to move their contact center agents to a 100% remote working model in less than 48 hours. These companies were therefore able to guarantee consistent, seamless, and high-quality customer service while also helping agents adapt easily to the new remote model. This solution essentially offers more work flexibility and comfort for agents who may need or simply want to work from home. In addition, the ease of the solution is critical to helping agents perform at their best and remain motivated. A McKinsey & Company study found that engaged and satisfied call center agents are about three times more likely to feel extremely powered to resolve customer problems and just over eight times more likely to remain at their job within a year. CCaaS allows your company to offer reliable technology to your agents and streamline access to features no matter where they work—empowering them to deliver excellent customer service at all times.

Reduced costs

Migrating to the cloud allows your company to reduce overall costs. For example, you may add or remove agents as needed at no additional cost. Whereas on-premise solutions are designed to be used by a limited number of agents (with no possibility to add more), cloud solutions may be scaled on-demand. This ability allows your contact center to manage high-volume call activity peaks due to seasonal events, emergencies, service interruptions, and other moments when agents simply have more work to do. By adding more contact center agents when you need them, you are able to offer an unchanged customer experience.

There is no need for material or a space to save information locally so overall operational costs are reduced.

Compliance with security regulations

The Vocalcom Cloud contact center software solution offers the flexibility needed to adapt to current data protection and privacy regulations such as those in place for European servers. Our solution is constantly upgraded so that it remains compliant with GDPR. This EU law involves the preservation of customer data solely for business purposes and is used in a limited manner. Customers must be informed clearly how and why their data is being used. At Vocalcom, we have a professional team responsible for monitoring security risk analyses on our cloud system and our data. Our Security Operation Center analyzes these potential risks and takes proactive measures to handle any problems that might occur.

The landscape of customer service is always changing, and businesses must be prepared to adapt at all times. Whether confronted with a global crisis or a welcome growth in business revenue, choosing the right contact center technology can help your agents adapt seamlessly to shifting circumstances and expectations while continuing to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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