ACD – Turning your call routing into an asset for customer satisfaction

For a customer, nothing is more frustrating than calling a contact center and making contact with an agent who is unable to help resolve his request during the first call. The customer then has to wait in several call queues, be transferred from agent to agent, and repeat his request every time. Since we know that 86% of customers quit a brand after a bad customer experience with that business, it is important to resolve these pain points. Having an intelligent automatic call distribution system (ACD) that is connected to your CRM is essential for guaranteeing the highest levels of customer satisfaction for your business.

Route your inbound and outbound calls intelligently

At the heart of your contact center software, the ACD allows your business to define routing rules regardless of your application: telesales, telemarketing, customer service, or debt collection. According to call times, customer geographic location, or department selected in your interactive voice response (IVR), the ACD enables your business to route your calls intelligently toward the most qualified agent available for the request. In addition, the ACD handles the management of your business’ overflow strategies in case of call spikes. The objective? Reducing wait time and increasing first call resolution, with the possibility of adjusting call flows in real time depending on your performance indicators.

Improve your customer experience with omnichannel routing

With the digitalization of customer service, call management is no longer sufficient. Your contact center must be able to manage all customer interactions, including digital interactions such as emails, SMS, chat conversations, social media interactions, and instant messages. To facilitate customer service and increase agent comfort, all these channels must be managed within a single platform. The ACD will allow your business to define routing rules toward the most qualified agent for each channel. The agent benefits from a 360° view of customer interaction history on all channels in order to handle the request and offer a seamless customer experience.

Personalize your customer interactions

By combining your ACD with your interactive voice response (IVR) and your CRM system, you can quickly identify customers and reduce their wait times by directing them toward the correct department or agent—for example, according to customer type, product purchased, or delivery status. By accessing customer knowledge and customer history interactions across all channels, your agents are able to offer personalized answers. Equipped with the right tools, they have all the necessary information that allows them to be more productive and improve customer satisfaction.

Discover our ACD Software

In a context where companies must remain flexible to offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction, it is essential for your business to choose the right contact center software to be able to respond efficiently and quickly to customer requests across all channels. An omnichannel platform, real time management, integration with AI technologies, access to CRM data—so many invaluable features for offering a quality customer experience.

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