Part 1 – Top Features of the World’s Most Disruptive Cloud Call Center Solution

Part 1 – Top Features of the World’s Most Disruptive Cloud Call Center Solution

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Vocalcom’s feature-rich, award-winning call center software is designed to not only meet but exceed today’s demanding and always changing business needs. It takes a lot to stay ahead of the game – what with vigorous customer demand, a constantly evolving technological landscape and a growing number of players in the space. That is exactly why we offer a strong mix of both basic and advanced features (integrated within Avaya) that address all of the above. Let’s take a look at some of what you can expect from our digital inbound call center software today.

  • Amazing interactive voice response (IVR) Web designer

The IVR accounts for 27 percent of the total call experience, yet only 7 percent of organizations currently offer a solution that delivers what customers consider “a better experience” than a live agent, according to research from JD Power & Associates. Our IVR Web designer comes complete with integrated business data with text-to-speech and speech recognition that always delivers the experience customers crave.

  • Advanced skill routing

The primary goal of the contact center is to get customers connected to the right employee in the quickest possible time. This objective is directly accomplished with our advanced skill routing application – a contact center feature that should be top of mind when looking for a provider.

  • Hyper-connected customer engagement/Multichannel virtual queuing

Over 75 percent of consumers rely on up to four different channels when seeking customer care, and 57 percent of best-in-class companies measure support center success across e-mail, chat, Web and voice, according to a recent report by Ovum. By offering hyper-connected customer engagement, customers can enjoy connecting with your business via mobile, Web, chat or anywhere else they happen to be – and it’s all managed through one single interface. And with multichannel virtual queuing, you can ensure a seamless, cross-channel customer experience.

Stay tuned for part two of this series, where we’ll highlight additional important features of our award-winning call center software. In the meantime, to check out all of our applications, click here.

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