Get Ready – CRMXcellence 2013 Starts Today!

Get Ready – CRMXcellence 2013 Starts Today!

It’s Monday, and you’re most likely doing the same things – enjoying your morning coffee, combing through a mass of e-mails received over the weekend and preparing yourself for another week on the job. This Monday, however, is different, as this year’s highly anticipated CRMXcellence Conference event kicks off today, September 16. The event serves as a virtual industry awards conference broadcast to a worldwide audience. It features keynote sessions, best practices panels, an awards ceremony and more.

Best of all, CRMXcellence is a world-leading event calling all prominent industry figures, which means you can benefit.

Vocalcom is so excited to serve as a sponsor of the event as well as to present a webinar on September 18discussing best practices for the digital and social media contact center. As a provider of transformative, disruptive digital call center solutions, we’re ready to bring our know-how and long-time industry expertise to the table for all participants. This includes:

How to sell on Twitter: Automatically identify the Twitter conversations regarding your products and push an offer in real-time.

How to optimally leverage Facebook: Get the list of your Facebook customer’s friends by e-mail, SMS or during a live chat.

How to integrate social media with your website: Identify the visitors coming from your customers social circles and welcome them with personal video chat.

Digital Marketing: Boost your website traffic by posting your offers directly on your customer’s friend’s wall.

Those who have already registered for the online live sessions, voting is still open to support category favorites. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so now by clicking here.

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