10 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service – Part 2

As described in our previous blog post, providing exceptional customer service means surpassing customer expectations. From embracing a proactive approach to engaging employees for better feedback, contact centers can better connect with their customers using a variety of different methods. Here are five more tips for delivering exceptional customer service.Empower your customers. Empower customers by giving them a full sense of confidence in your brand both in positive and negative situations. For example, if a billing error has been made, agents should not only fix the error but also be sure to waive any fees that were charged when the customer was not at fault. Another way is to offer targeted marketing offers when they count most: offering a voucher or discount after a purchase has been made, for example, as a means of saying, “thank you.” The idea is to appease unhappy customers in tough situations while keeping happy customers satisfied.Surpass customer expectations. Give customers even more than they expected to win their loyalty. For example, making follow-up calls after closing a sale or customer service case, providing complete tracking information and updates for deliveries, offering discounts or other rewards for customer loyalty, and simply taking the time to thank customers for their business are all ways of going the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service.Be consistent across all channels and departments. Consistency across a contact center allows for seamless and exceptional customer service. This can entail everything from uniform customer service scripts to a CRM database accessed by all agents to ensuring quality customer experiences on all channels and on both desktop and mobile. Departments need to further ensure efficient communication so as to avoid repeating information to customers, while there should be a seamless transition from one department to another when customers are transferred during a service interaction.Welcome customer feedback. Customer feedback is critical to improving customer experience. Brands must make sure all cases are well analyzed, shared across departments, and then worked on to prevent such issues from occurring again. Different ways to address issues include updating FAQs on the company website, soliciting feedback and responding to it on social media, revising agent scripts, implementing new targeted marketing strategies, sending post-contact surveys, and eventually making global improvements to products and services based on the feedback received.Remember to be a customer-centric brand. No matter what approach brands take to connect with customers, remember to always be customer-centric. The customer’s priorities come first, their preferences count, and their business should always be valued. Keep customer needs at heart to develop a truly customer-centric brand.Exceptional customer service requires a skillful combination of technology, timeliness, strategy, and a strong human touch delivered by well-trained employees. Brands that don’t settle for adequate service and stay a step ahead of their customers to deliver the very best are on a clear path to delivering exceptional service. Learn about Vocalcom contact center software solutions for delivering great customer service.

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