4 Reasons Predictive Dialers Are Key to Sales Acceleration

In our modern times, the process of pursuing a lead and closing a sale has transformed completely due to technological advances. Whereas sales representatives in the past relied heavily on costly travel and face-to-face meetings with potential customers to conduct what is known as outside sales, today’s Internet–coupled with a host of advanced web tools–has fueled the contemporary practice of inside sales, or the process of conducting sales remotely. With such tools as CRM, web conferencing, predictive analytics, and social media platforms, sales representatives are able to pursue leads with greater efficiency and consistency—the key elements of sales acceleration. Sales acceleration is further fueled by a critical technology used in the contact center: a predictive dialing solution. A predictive dialer is essentially an automated service which, through a complex set of algorithms, dials phone numbers at optimized times while automatically filtering out answering and fax machines, busy signals, and disconnected calls to enable live calls as quickly as possible. Here are four ways predictive dialers drive agent efficiency and play a critical role in sales acceleration and customer satisfaction.Increased agent productivity. With a predictive dialing solution, agents do not need to constantly consult phone number lists and manually dial customers, and they experience less idle time as the dialer determines the best times to call and predicts when a current call will be finished while already dialing the next number. By bypassing disconnected or unavailable phone lines as well as machines, agents are always connected quickly to the right customers—those who are most likely to welcome such calls—at just the right times.Efficient lead management. Predictive dialers that integrate lead management software can organize lead data, sales information, customer history, and contact information while feeding this data to agents. The software also determines prime call times automatically and further filters out any “do not call” numbers, fax lines, or answering machines to guarantee direct access to the right customers at the best times. When calls are placed, the solution typically uses local phone numbers—a logical way to prompt potential customers to answer, as many studies have shown that over half of all consumers hang up when they see an unknown phone number in their caller ID. Agents are thus able to connect with customers who might otherwise never answer. Such solutions automate and capture all call activity directly into the CRM for stronger lead management, providing valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that may boost sales and improve marketing strategies.Increased sales and reduced costs. A predictive dialer significantly reduces contact center operational costs as fewer outbound calls need to be placed (an expensive channel for service), and fewer agents are needed to handle such calls. The combination of efficient agents and strong leads can double sales. The right customers who are most receptive to purchase are automatically contacted, dead time for agents is eliminated, and abandonment rates drop significantly. This means that a predictive dialer can deliver swift ROI with substantial profit. In addition, predictive dialers with CRM integration also cut costs for companies as they do not require additional expensive telecom hardware or integration.Greater customer satisfaction. As predictive dialers contact customers at times that are most convenient for them and at a lower call rate, such calls are generally less invasive and more welcome. Customers will not feel bothered knowing that the business cares about respecting their time, and the products and services proposed are likely to suit the customer’s needs or preferences. As the likelihood of actual purchase increases, brands may enjoy greater customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty while contact center agents and managers also experience greater satisfaction and confidence resulting from contacting strong leads who appreciate their calls.Predictive dialers streamline the sales process by enhancing agent efficiency, reducing operational costs, and ultimately driving sales and customer loyalty. Learn about Vocalcom predictive dialer software solutions for maximum efficiency and sales

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