4 Ways to Provide Stellar Automated Customer Service

The landscape of customer service is constantly evolving due to rapidly changing technologies and constant consumer demand for timeliness. While customers value thorough responses to their inquiries, swift answers are key to winning their loyalty. Econsultancy states that 82% of consumers say the number one factor that leads to a great customer service experience is having their issues resolved quickly. Furthermore, some customers seek the human touch for a more personalized experience, but the process of reaching a live agent can be far too time-consuming. So just how can brands save customers time while still delivering a personal touch when needed? Many brands are embracing automated customer service as the answer, as customers can swiftly receive the support they are seeking while still remaining engaged with the human aspect of a brand. Here are four ways to provide stellar automated customer service with a personal touch.

Humanize your brand through video.

Video is a great medium for real-time customer service when thorough support is needed, as video chat offers customers the chance to connect with agents in a personalized manner. In automated customer service, video can be used to educate the customer and possibly eliminate the need to reach out to an agent at all (thus saving customers time). Video tutorials may be used to show customers how products and services work, and technical support may be offered featuring catchy animated or live sequences that guide the support process. Featuring actual employees is a great way to increase their own engagement in the company while connecting customers to the experts who best understand your brand.

Use IVR menus to save customers time.

IVR menus are ideal for saving customers time through cutting-edge automated customer service. Speech recognition or touch-tone technology are used to enable identification, segmentation, and eventual routing of callers to the most qualified agent, saving time and the need to speak to multiple agents. Customers who simply need to access account information without agent assistance also benefit from bypassing unnecessary menu options. Furthermore, visual IVR menus also streamline the process by allowing customers to click or touch their way through an IVR system by using a visual, menu-driven interface, preventing the need to listen to long audio options.

Engage your mobile customers.

Automated customer service is essential for customers on the go. Engage your mobile customers by offering a website optimized for mobile or a separate mobile app. Customers often research products on their smartphones and may do so in-store, so offering features that support the sales and service processes is critical. Features such as IVR menus, click-to-call or click-to-chat buttons, easy checkout options for purchases, and easily accessible links to FAQs are all great tools for automated customer service.

Inform customers consistently across all channels.

Great automated customer service begins with proactive engagement. In other words, the more your brand offers updated, thorough content, the less customers will need to reach out for support as they will benefit from the empowerment of automated customer service. All channels should be staffed with skilled agents ready to respond in real-time. Content should also be updated to reflect any new brand developments. For example, content such as new products or services, promotional offers, product recalls, and even scheduled web maintenance should be communicated clearly and consistently across all channels. Frequently asked questions should also be updated to reflect common customer concerns. Proactive customer service saves customers time and shows them that your brand keeps their best interests at heart.Automated customer service offers the timesaving benefits of modern technologies while still giving customers the personalized experiences they crave. Indeed, Gartner states that by the year 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with businesses without ever interacting with a human. For these reasons, brand should optimize their automated customer service practices for greater efficiency, engagement, and customer empowerment. Learn about Vocalcom contact center software solutions with enhanced automated service features.

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