4 Ways to Supercharge Contact Centers with Gamification

Employee motivation plays a large role in creating customer satisfaction. In contact centers, agents play an important role in delivering a quality customer experience and therefore need tools at their disposal for staying motivated and delivering their best. With the rising trend of gamification, agents can benefit from just that.Gamification is the practice of applying game thinking and activities to a standard work environment as a means of encouraging competition, building motivation, and measuring progress in the workplace. Put another way, employee engagement in turn leads to greater work satisfaction and productivity. Indeed, many studies have shown that contact centers benefit from greater agent retention rates when gamification is used. But in what ways exactly can this practice reap results?It encourages healthy competition. Encouraging healthy and meaningful competition is one major benefit. For example, contact center managers may provide incentives such as bonuses to reward agents for completing customer service calls in a certain amount of time, resolving a certain number of cases, or getting the most new subscriptions for a service. Gamification may be used to encourage healthy competition among peers by allowing agents to share their best practices and learn from their peers while motivating them to perform at their personal best.It’s excellent for training purposes. Isn’t learning more interesting when it’s made fun? Gamification may also be used for training purposes, enabling agents to compete with each other when learning new technologies or revising customer service methods.It’s a powerful motivator. Agents may benefit from gamification as a powerful source of motivation in the workplace. Being rewarded for achievement is certainly a powerful motivator, but gamification also enables agents to treat their work on a daily basis not just as a job, but as a fun and empowering way to deliver excellent customer service. Research shows that when agents are focused and content, they handle customer service interactions with greater precision and a better attitude.It’s a great assessment tool. Gamification further allows contact center managers to measure employees’ level of commitment to the company and analyze quantifiable data regarding the employee’s deliverables: how long a customer service interaction took, their average handling time, rate of first call resolution, and the like. The more an agent shows effort to deliver on a certain task, the easier it is for managers to assess employee commitment to company goals. Furthermore, managers may track employee progress and better regulate their growth at the company by keeping track of results delivered by each employee.To achieve a happy and productive workforce, it is important to keep employees motivated. With gamification as a constant practice, contact centers agents may deliver excellent customer service in a way which keeps them inspired, well-trained, and engaged with customers. Learn about Vocalcom contact center software solutions for excellent customer service.

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