5 Reasons Why Email Customer Service Still Matters

Companies these days feel the pressure to respond quickly to customers. As messaging apps and social media continue to grow in popularity for customer service, your brand might question if channels such as email are still attractive to customers. According to a report by eConsultancy, 60% of customers indeed prefer support via email. In fact, when email is managed through a single integrated solution, agents can respond quickly and move seamlessly between channels as needed. Here are five reasons why email customer service still matters to your customers.

Email is a mobile-friendly channel

Customers appreciate service on the go, and email is easily accessible on mobile devices. Many people access their email through apps which ensure that content displays clearly. Customers also avoid being placed on hold or waiting for agents to initiate a discussion as they would through messaging apps, SMS, or live chat.

Customers communicate confidently

Some customers may not communicate with your brand on social media for privacy reasons. Others may not use the voice channel as no call transcript is provided for the customer. With email, customers feel confident knowing there is a written record of all interactions that they can trace themselves. Email also remains a private form of communication that can be used to share personal customer data. Agents can summarize cases thoroughly and maintain a dialogue with customers without risking privacy.

Important documents and multimedia may be shared

Messaging apps are a popular communication method partly due to their capacity for attaching content such as photos and videos. Email shares this advantage. Customers may share photos of defective products to help agents understand problems. Agents may then offer solutions through video, photo, or document attachments. Email therefore allows an easy exchange of information that can lead to a faster resolution.

Surveys may be sent easily

While your brand should send surveys on the customer’s preferred channel, it is much easier when that channel happens to be email. Surveys can be sent and filled out effortlessly through email, whereas they are more difficult to access on other channels. Once again, the practical nature of email makes it more likely that your customers will respond to surveys and give you the feedback your brand needs.

It is cost-efficient

Email remains less expensive than the voice channel. More importantly, when it is integrated into an omnichannel approach, it may be used seamlessly alongside other channels. Email management software features such as intelligent routing ensure that these communications are sent to the most qualified agents. In addition, personalization tools, spam filters, and advanced reporting capabilities increase productivity and help customer service teams determine which problems need to be addressed. These advantages ultimately reduce operational costs and customer churn.Email customer service is only as practical as your company makes it. If your agents are committed to providing in-depth communications and are trained to use contact center solutions efficiently, your customers will consider this channel a trustworthy means of communication.

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