5 Tips for Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

Contact center agents are on the front lines of customer service, serving as brand experts and customers’ trusted human connection to a company all at once. Given the demanding rhythm of contact centers, agents run the risk of feeling overwhelmed or burned out. Customer service aside, many companies across various industries are nowadays embracing an employee engagement approach, finding ways to make employees feel like a crucial part of an organization while giving them opportunities to grow and take care of their well-being. With an effective employee engagement strategy, brands can ensure their agents are well-prepared, motivated, and ready for each new service interaction while feeling like an integral part of the company. Here are five essential tips for engaging contact center agents.

Empower your employees and give them purpose.

For agents to deliver their best, they need to feel they are valued at a company and understand a brand’s values and mission. Agents can feel empowered through meetings which invite their opinions on ways service can be improved as well as staff retreats and employee recognition programs which reward great service. Offering staff development sessions featuring coaches or motivational speakers can also be refreshing and empowering, instilling a collective desire to work successfully as a team in addition to achieving individual success.

Use gamification to motivate agents.

Gamification may serve as a great source of motivation in the workplace. Being rewarded for achievement is certainly a powerful motivator, but gamification also enables agents to treat their work on a daily basis not just as a job, but as a fun and empowering way to deliver excellent customer service. Research shows that when agents are focused and content, they handle customer service interactions with greater precision and a more positive attitude. It may also be used to encourage healthy competition among peers by allowing agents to share their best practices and learn from their peers while motivating everyone to perform at their personal best.

Ask for their feedback.

Due to their daily interactions with customers, agents can provide a wealth of knowledge regarding customer behavior and their ideas for best practices during service interactions. Their feedback is critical to improving the customer experience in numerous ways: revising customer service surveys, enhancing call scripts, improving agent training methods, and even modifying or offering new products or services. By regularly providing feedback through staff meetings and official surveys, agents will feel they are part of a team and important to a brand’s success.

Optimize the workspace.

Given the intense nature of a contact center, a workspace optimized for comfort and productivity is absolutely necessary. A lounge is a great way to show appreciation for agents’ well-being and to encourage employees to socialize during their downtime. For training and meeting purposes, open and collaborative spaces are ideal. Ergonomic chairs and supplies and even standing desks can increase comfort, as well as natural lighting, warm colors, and plants which are proven to boost people’s moods and creativity.

Give them the tools for success with proper training.

To deliver their best, agents should be given the latest technology for excellent omnichannel customer service and receive the proper training required to master these tools. Using a contact center software solution with advanced features ensures quicker and more efficient service, and thorough training will help agents feel prepared for each interaction.Through employee engagement, companies can boost their employees’ motivation, build confidence in their work, and ultimately lead them to deliver exceptional customer service for long-term customer loyalty. Learn about Vocalcom contact center software solutions for providing superior customer service.

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