5 Ways Predictive Dialers Drive Sales and Customer Satisfaction

In our omnichannel age, it’s easier than ever to reach customers on a massive scale. While offering service on multiple channels is a clear path to stronger customer engagement, brands still have to meet the challenge of marketing to the right customers in the right places, and at the right times. On the voice channel, it’s especially critical to find a strategy for successful lead generation that yields results without disturbing customers. That’s where predictive dialers come in: Through a sophisticated set of algorithms, predictive dialers offer the perfect solution to reaching the right customers, dialing phone numbers at optimized times to enable live calls as quickly as possible. Here are five ways predictive dialers are essential to driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Stronger lead management.

Predictive dialers empower sales agents to reach their strongest leads with maximum efficiency. Solutions that integrate lead management software organize lead data, sales information, and customer profiles and feed this data to agents. They also automate and capture all call activity directly into a CRM database for stronger lead management, providing valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that drive sales and improve marketing practices. Such solutions determine prime call times automatically and filter out obstacles such as “do not call” numbers, fax lines, or answering machines to connect to customers quickly. When calls are placed, local phone numbers are typically used to maximize the chance of a customer answering the call, as many studies have shown that over half of all customers hang up when they see an unknown phone number in their caller ID. Agents are therefore able to connect with customers who might otherwise never answer for greatest efficiency.

Greater agent productivity.

The efficiency of predictive dialers leads to greater agent productivity as well. Agents are no longer obligated to consult lists of customer phone numbers or lose time dialing customers manually. In addition, they experience less idle time as predictive dialers automatically determine optimal call times, predict when a current call will be finished, and begin dialing the next number for seamless and timesaving efficiency with increased agent productivity gains of up to 300%. Additional features such as digital call recording and built-in chat further enable clear communication and improved agent call monitoring.

Increased sales.

The targeted precision of predictive dialers coupled with greater agent efficiency naturally leads to sales growth. Predictive dialers can double sales, as they enable agents to connect with the customers who are most likely to purchase, leading to lower abandonment rates, swift ROI, and increased profits.

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Reduced contact center costs.

In addition to fueling sales, predictive dialers offer considerable savings to contact centers. Operational costs are significantly reduced, as fewer outbound calls are placed and fewer agents are needed to staff the traditionally expensive voice channel. In addition, predictive dialers with CRM integration also cut costs for companies as they do not require additional expensive telecom hardware or integration.

Increased customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, customers are satisfied with the many benefits predictive dialers bring to the sales experience. No customer likes to be hassled by phone about a product he doesn’t want or at an inconvenient hour. Predictive dialers solve that problem by catering to customer convenience and respecting customer preferences. The solutions enable contact at times that are most convenient for the customer and at a much lower call rate, so customers don’t feel pressured or harassed. In addition, they will be pleased to hear about products or services that actually match their tastes and needs, making them more likely to show loyalty to a brand that is attentive to their needs. Sales growth and customer satisfaction are all about targeting the right customers in the right ways. Predictive dialers fuel efficiency and strong lead management to benefit companies and customers alike.

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