5 Ways to Build a Stellar Digital Reputation

When customers look up your company online, what is their first impression? Do they see a friendly, approachable brand? Can they find clear information? Do they understand what your brand stand for? The way you present your brand online determines how loyal your customers will be. To earn their loyalty, you must first establish trust. Here are five ways to build a stellar digital reputation that will win over customers, old and new.

Provide clear and consistent information.

Customers should be able to recognize your brand no matter what channel or device they are on. To start, be sure to use brand logos and colors that are easy to identify. Next, any information you publish should be consistent. For example, make sure prices match on all channels, promotional events are advertised everywhere, shipping and return policies are clear, and spelling and grammar are correct. Agents should also be trained to relay the same information so that customers are never misled. It is important to offer a seamless and effortless omnichannel communication to your customers.

Use the right language.

Language can mean two different things in a brand context. On one hand, it’s essential to speak like your target audience and keep a consistent brand tone. For example, a retail clothing company that sells primarily to millennials might have a casual style, whereas a phone company might sound more formal. The other definition of language here is literally speaking what your customers speak. As much as possible, offer your website and social media channels in multiple languages that match your customer base.

Respond quickly.

No customer likes to see unanswered service questions online. Neglecting to respond to customers—especially when they are upset—is lazy and sure to turn them off. Your agents should be ready to engage with customers and especially prepared to handle any negative comments. Be sure to monitor your website and social media channels’ questions, comments, and product reviews.

Chatbots can also help you answer quickly to your customers. Thanks to AI, chatbots can handle greater complexity and not only first-level request. Those new “super-agent” are here to assist your agents and help them deliver the best customer experience. 

Update essential information.

Customers need to know that you are keeping up with them. In our digital world, outdated information simply tells them to look elsewhere for their needs. For example, your company should keep information current by clearly indicating sales event dates, service hours, accepted payment methods, and product availability. Updating your list of frequently asked questions also ensures that customers are getting help with current needs.

Offer content that your customers like.

To really be in tune with your customers, create brand content that appeals to them. For example, a retail brand might share a behind-the-scenes look at a fashion show, whereas a snack food manufacturer might show a video of a popular product being made. And don’t forget to use photos and videos as tutorials—customers appreciate learning how to use products through fun and innovative content. Your digital reputation can make or break customer loyalty. To win your customers’ trust and appeal to their tastes, take every measure to ensure that you are giving them a great experience every time they engage with you online.

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