6 Key Benefits of CRM in the Contact Center

Understanding customers these days requires more than listening to their feedback or resolving a one-time problem. To stay competitive, companies need a 360-degree view of their customers: their full history with the brand, from purchases to service requests and every detail that makes their business so valuable to the company. Many would claim that CRM software solutions play a critical role in contact center success, as processes become more streamlined and focus may shift to optimizing sales and service in a more efficient manner. Here are six key CRM benefits to consider in the contact center.Improved data access. With a CRM solution, agents have access to the full scope of a customer’s data. Customer data is organized centrally with information on everything from personal contact information to purchase and service history, making it easier for agents to interact with customers in a timely, thorough, and personalized manner with increased chances for first contact resolution.Greater communication and accountability. As a centralized database, CRM enables employees across departments to share accurate information about customers through their updates. For example, sales associates may better communicate sales updates with other members of the sales team, while customer service agents can easily track what a colleague has already completed with a service case and take the necessary next steps without repeating information. CRM benefits therefore include greater accountability, as every employee can clearly understand personal responsibilities in customer service and sales processes and be held accountable for both successes and weak points in the customer lifecycle.Enhanced overall efficiency. CRM benefits include an overall sense of efficiency in the contact center. In addition to enhanced communication across departments, agents are able to respond faster to customers through the eliminated need for manual processes and fact-checking. A CRM database can further help marketing managers better understand customer needs based on purchase history to create targeted marketing campaigns, retaining current customers while attracting new ones through effective lead management.Increased sales. One of the major CRM benefits is the power of such a solution for driving sales. Sales associates may manage current customers by handling pre-sales queries, accessing transaction history, processing orders, issuing credits or checking warranties, and handling post-sales services. They may also engage in cross-selling, as sales history in the database will provide valuable information regarding customer buying habits and preferences that is ideal for promoting additional products or services.Reduced costs. Increased efficiency translates into reduced contact center costs, as less time and resources are needed to manage customer interactions. In addition, contact centers which use a predictive dialing solution with CRM integration reduce costs. Such solutions automate and capture all call activity directly into the CRM for better lead management, keeping track of the best times to call customers and providing valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that may improve sales and marketing strategies without requiring additional expensive telecom hardware or integration.Superior customer experience. When agents deliver timeliness, precise information, and a personalized touch, the stage is set for great customer experience. The CRM benefits of streamlined data management and efficiency therefore foster greater brand loyalty and customer retention. A CRM database is also an ideal solution for recording and analyzing customer feedback regarding products or services. Such feedback is important to understanding customer needs and creating more meaningful customer experiences.CRM benefits are numerous, but the overall efficiency of the solution coupled with its potential for driving sales and customer satisfaction make it essential to running a successful contact center for modern times. Learn about the Vocalcom native contact center solution in Salesforce, the leading global CRM solutions provider.

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