6 Ways to Convince the Potential Customer

Customer satisfaction can be difficult to measure these days, as brands engage with their customers across numerous touchpoints. Omnichannel brands strive to deliver experiences that are both streamlined and personalized, while competing with other brands doing the same. Similarly, potential customers struggle to make decisions due to the numerous options they are given. However, with a commitment to informing customers and building trust, brands are more likely to convert even the most hesitant buyer. Here are six ways to convince the potential customer to support your brand.

Inform prospective customers

The more customers understand what your brand offers, the more likely they will trust you enough to purchase. Provide detailed descriptions of products and services, including any relevant information such as how they work and how they may be upgraded, if applicable. Also be sure to give clear pricing information, shipping rates, and estimated delivery times. Lastly, a list of frequently asked questions is essential to showing customers that your brand handles possible concerns proactively. Such transparency is essential to winning the trust of prospective customers and avoiding negative situations at a later time.

Give them a chance to test products and services

Whenever possible, give your customers a chance to experience a free trial of a service you offer. For example, subscription-based brands might offer a free month of service with no obligation to purchase and an easy cancellation policy. For products, give customers the option to return them easily if they are unsatisfied. This relieves the pressure to purchase while instilling confidence and trust in potential customers.

Communicate privacy policies clearly

Your brand should be sure to communicate clear terms and conditions in language that customers can understand. In addition, privacy policies should clearly inform customers as to how their personal data may be used. Should prospects decide to make a purchase and share sensitive information with your brand, they need to be reassured that you will protect their information.

Be accessible

Can customers reach you when they want to? Providing an optimized omnichannel experience on both desktop and mobile is essential to winning customer trust. Offering features such as prioritized callbacks ensures that customers can speak to you without being placed on hold, while potential customers browsing your brand website can benefit from assistance with live chat options. Knowing when and where to engage your potential customers increases the chance of winning their business.

Offer additional incentives

In addition to free trials, your brand might offer other incentives that may encourage purchase. For example, offering a kind of bonus like a free upgrade upon purchase may delight potential buyers, while other incentives such as free gifts with purchase, loyalty points, or referral awards may also convince hesitant customers. This shows them that your brand truly values their business and is willing to go the extra mile to satisfy its customers.

Use testimonials

When it comes to building trust, why not let your current customers help you convince your prospects? Testimonials featured on your website and social media channels are a great way to show consumer confidence in your brand. Engage current customers proactively by asking them to offer testimonials and participate in brand-sponsored contests that show their enthusiasm for your brand. While competition will always be a factor in business, projecting a trustworthy and honest attitude toward potential customers is key to winning their attention and eventual loyalty. 

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