87 Percent of Telecom Leaders See WebRTC in Their Future…Do You?

The crystal ball of the telecom industry is predicting a promising future for WebRTC (real-time communications) solutions. At least, that’s what the results of Dialogic Inc.’s 2013 WebRTC Impact Survey suggest.

The study, which examined market speculation on the adoption and disruptive potential of the Web-based contact center solution, revealed that 87 percent of telecom leaders are factoring WebRTC into their company roadmaps. Of the 169 members of the service provider and application developer communities surveyed, a mere 4.2 percent said they consider WebRTC to be insignificant to their organization. Additionally, 21.6 percent believe that it will significantly impact multi-service operators.

Though the call center industry is a clear target experiencing the disruptive influence of WebRTC, Diaologic also highlighted its unexpected impact on unified communications (UC) as the solution expands its base. Diaologic adds that it expects WebRTC to approach 1 billion devices by the end of this year.

Across the board, the survey illustrated that companies are quickly realizing and embracing the advantages of the centralized, simple nature of WebRTC. The ability to share and stream video, audio and data through a single Web browser without the hassle of additional plug-ins and downloads is transforming business models and enabling companies to explore new vertical market opportunities. Among the top benefits of WebRTC solutions cited by responders were low implementation costs with high return and developer simplicity.

If you’re still not convinced on the future of WebRTC, take it from the 49 percent of confident respondents who said that they intend to deploy the solution within the next 12 months.

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