90 Percent of Upset Customers Can Be Retained: Here’s How

As a call center manager, you’ve probably endured the recurring nightmare of not only losing customers, but being shaken by the fear that they will not return. After all, 89 percent of customers will begin doing business with your competition if they have a poor customer experience. Now, before you freak out, understand that 90 percent of upset customers can still be saved, but only with exceptional customer service.

So, how can you achieve this unprecedented level of customer service? It can be simply attained by establishing an unbeatable social presence.

The reason you need to deliver exceptional social service is simple: Because the better your service is, the more likely your consumers are likely to recommend your brand to others. For example, 71 percent of those who experience positive social customer care are likely to recommend you to someone else.

Still not convinced as to why social is the newest revenue generator and customer retainer? Consider that:

·         The number of companies who handled more than 25 percent of customer service inquiries via social media doubled last year from nine to 18 percent.

·         30 percent of top brands now have dedicated customer service Twitter accounts.

·         36 percent of consumers that make customer service inquiries through social media say that their issue is solved both “quickly and efficiently.”

·         While about 70 percent of marketing and PR companies are on social media, only 19 percent of customer service organizations are.

Social customer service works, your customers are craving it, and yet customer service organizations aren’t utilizing it. This should be telling you one thing: You are more than capable of retaining the majority of your unsatisfied customers – and watching your brand grow – if you leverage the power of social media now. As a call center manager, consider if your existing call center software supports advanced social and digital customer service.

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