Part 1 – A Blueprint for Your Future Unified Contact Center

While staffing your call center with capable, intellectual and goal-oriented agents is without a doubt important, today, you no longer have a competitive edge if your agents solely boast superior call management skills. Nowadays, you need to have an intelligent contact center supported by best-in-breed call center software capable of handling every type of customer request – no matter the channel from which the request originates.

We are now in the dawn of the unified contact center era—a time in which call center managers must make sure their facilities are robust enough to handle a variety of concerns that filter in through phone calls, social media, live video chat, connected, in-store kiosks and e-mail, among other channels. 

According to a recent infographic created by Astute Solutions, an intelligent contact center can reduce call transfers by up to 28 percent and save one to two minutes per call. Even more, your call center should have the following to remain up to par: cross-sell/up-sell features, social engagement, multi-lingual capabilities, product/service specialization and five plus years of experience.

When determining which call center software to purchase to embrace the onset of the intelligent contact center, consider the following:

  • 25 percent of smartphone owners go online using their phones rather than their computers, meaning your software needs to be mobile compatible.
  • More than 70 percent of homes still have a landline, meaning your contact center still needs to place emphasis on good old telemarketing and customer support.
  • New social media and Web portals have reached more than 50 percent penetration into contact center operations.

Check back next week for part two of our series, as we explore how Vocalcom’s disruptive technology helps you power your intelligent call center.

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