A Brief Purchase Decision Guide for Cloud-Based Call Center Software

In the last 10 years, we have witnessed the growth of cloud computing usage by savvy businesses across the globe – all that were interested in increasing productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction. The advent of cloud computing has enabled businesses to roam away from physical, legacy set-ups that remained on-site, and in doing so, opened up a world where the contact center could exceed all pre-existing barriers.

If you’re looking to venture into the amazing world of the cloud-based call center, here are some quick considerations to keep in mind while in the decision-making process:

  • Businesses should choose an experienced and compatible cloud-based call center partner.
  • Your partner should support a multi-channel strategy; businesses can save costs by using less expensive channels such as e-mail, chat Twitter or Facebook. The latter two have especially created the power of “crowd sourcing.” (Meaning “likes” on these sites allow customer service teams to create, follow and respond to cases).
  •  It is essential to understand that hosted call centers are the quickest, most cost-efficient way for a business to virtualize resources and improve service quality.
  •  Knowledge bases should be integrated so that agents and all other employees are connected and can ensure unified, coherent messaging and consistency among all channels.

 Vocalcom is specifically well-known for its cloud-based call center software and is highly recommended by over 3,000 successful customers. We accommodate businesses of all kinds personally and powerfully – from startups with a few agents to large enterprises boasting many remote branches. Our multi-channel strategy allows customers to manage every interaction as if it were one, unified conversation across channels of voice, video, chat, email or social.

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