A Carefully Constructed Roadmap Can Increase Contact Center Flexibility

One of the largest benefits to contact centers is the numerous applications and components that are available in the technology. Tools like predictive dialing, e-mail management, chat services, quality monitoring and interactive voice response (IVR), for example, have been some of the most successful and widely implemented; however, there can be a downside to all of these options that surfaces over time if these tools are not properly integrated.

All these aforementioned tools serve the same purpose: serving the customer and offering a flexible service that can adapt to the varied needs of the client. However, for the contact center manager or leader who is just breaking out into the market, the complexity of these tools can lead to a tangled and overly complicated system. This is why the architecture of the approach to contact centers is moving towards a more integrated software suite that works as a cohesive unit, as opposed to a collection of tools and services.

By developing a contact center road map with clear objectives, it will be easier to see how to create synergistic services so that the contact center can function more fluidly. Looking to begin constructing your very own contact center roadmap? Begin by asking these things about your current contact center strategies:

Are any current tools/services redundant, and do they limit themselves when interacting with other tools or services? Remember, in utilizing multiple services, it is important that a clear line-of-sight exists and solutions interact as a whole

Is legacy software slowing down more recent additions? In a rapidly evolving atmosphere, outdated tools often hang on because of familiarity; however, down the road, this could lead to a serious lack of compatibility – and perhaps even downtime.

Are current strategies adaptable? Having a road map in place is essential, and chances are one exists—however, it is important that your current method allows for change.

Looking to learn more about how to build the best roadmap for your contact center? Click here to access Forrester’s whitepaper, “Build an Outside-In Contact Center Road Map,” in full.

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