A Closer Look at Why Complexity is Today’s Biggest Multi-Channel Challenge

If you’re involved in the contact center industry, you’ve most likely heard the customer request for multi-channel customer service; however, 40 percent of companies aren’t hearing their customers clearly. According to Econsultancy’s Multi-Channel Customer Experience Report, 40 percent of organizations say that complexity prevents them from improving their multi-channel service or from considering more advanced call center applications, solutions and software.

There is a very significant challenge that lays ahead for organizations that fall into this 40 percent category: the challenge of remaining competitive once your contenders find the key to unlocking successful service across every channel. Believe it or not, your competitors are closer to adopting multi-channel service than you think.

So, what’s the driving force behind this “complexity” cited by 40 percent of contact center managers? Integration. Simply put, integration becomes increasingly difficult to house in one single system while being available on multiple touchpoints.

In a recent Vocalcom survey, we asked contact center managers and customer service directors how they would describe the integration of the channels that they currently offer. The results?

  • 31 percent said that an agent may be able to see if a customer has initiated prior contact, but it is not guaranteed
  • 29 percent said that their channels are currently not integrated at all
  • 16 percent said that their channels are fully integrated and support every customer channel

Taking this one step further, what’s the root cause of these individual complexities? Our research has found legacy technology systems to be the culprit. Legacy infrastructure – which oftentimes doesn’t support these advanced, cloud-based methods of service – can significantly hold companies back from realizing their true potential.

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