A Look Back at This Year’s Top Performing Service Channels

There is great emphasis being placed on having as many service channels as possible within the 21st century call center; however, some may not have every option at their fingertips if they’re being restricted by archaic technology. When it comes to manpower and the implementation of call center software, it’s important to know which service channels are top performing and which are fizzling. This way, you can ensure that you invest in the right software that enables you to provide the service options that your customers want most.

To help guide you in your quest, see below a list of the past year’s highest rated service channels.

Speaking to an Agent via Telephone

With an average 69 percent satisfaction rating, calling up a company and speaking to a live human being is still the most preferred method of communication. Speaking over the phone is always at the heart of call center software. Let’s take a look at the next five highest rated service channels:

63 percent satisfaction with instant messaging/online chat with a live person: While a relatively new method of communication, IM and online chat serves as the third most preferred, coming after phone and e-mail.

Click-to-call, screen sharing and sending an SMS/mobile message to the company: Each received a 61 percent satisfaction rating.

60 percent satisfaction with sending an e-mail to customer service: This statistic is telling in that companies may be diverting too much attention to other channels and away from a classic source of communication, such as e-mail

At the bottom of the poll is contacting a company through Twitter (56 percent satisfaction) and virtual agents (55 percent). While these two forms are relatively new, they provide an important lesson in ensuring that new service channels are top of mind for call center managers when choosing the right call center software to utilize. 

To learn more, click here to access Forrester’s “Understand Communication Channel Needs to Craft Your Customer Service Strategy” whitepaper.

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