A Refresher’s Course on Vocalcom’s Core Offerings

Most of us are still caught up in that brutal summer haze; the heat waves, the redundant whirr of the air conditioner on full power, the lazy weekend days spent at the beach. However, before you know it, the infamous day will come when the world goes back to school. We’re quickly approaching the half-way point of August, which means students everywhere are beginning to scour the aisles for school supplies, shop for the best back-to-school wardrobe and prepare to hit the books hard.

For those who haven’t been in a classroom for longer than they’d care to admit, there’s still a way to keep one’s brain on its toes. For the over 550,000 users of Vocalcom’s call center solutions and services, we figured now we would be an ideal time to give a quick refresher’s course on what we bring to the table.

At Vocalcom, we’re all about doing what needs to be done to get you connected to your customers both quickly and efficiently. Our related offerings include:

Inbound multi-channel service: Evolve your state of customer care and empower your agents with the knowledge and know-how it takes to revolutionize the customer experience. With advanced features like callback, multi-channel virtual queuing and prioritizing VIP clients, your customers will always feel like they are your first priority.

Unique outbound dialing: Unlike the competition, our outbound dialing service enables agents to connect to more customers at the right time by leveraging the perfect device. Whether customers are on-the-go or, at home or elsewhere, our technology’s extensive base of customer information can best predict when a customer is most apt to interact with agents.

Top features of our call center software includes: a unique single agent workspace complete with productivity tools (CTI screen pops, fast yet robust CRM integration and more); as well as open performance statistics and related data, ensuring that your reporting is customized to your exact liking and needs. Our software can even leverage the power of social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook to queue customers and gain invaluable client insight.

It’s never a bad idea to have a refresher’s course. Now that yours is over, check out our website to learn more. Click here to get started.

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