A Unified, Cloud Facility Is A Contact Center Leader’s Dream

By its nature, a cloud contact center is a large beast to manage. There are many aspects to the technology and, in order for the contact center to run efficiently and successfully, each part of needs to work together as one single, cohesive unit.

In maintaining a fully functional, unified and revenue-generating cloud facility, the goal of any contact center leader is to have the components they manage seamlessly operate with a unified support system. This includes uniting all multi-channel and platform support systems, agent productivity, various technologies and customer service channels.

Finding a Common Denominator

When developing a unified cloud facility, it is important to have a unified goal that can be used to tie the contact center together and give each system a common objective. Think of it as a common denominator; this objective should be a focus on customer experience and satisfaction. As 86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience, it’s more than clear that this should be a key ingredient to ensuring an effective contact center.

Avoiding Complexities

By creating and fostering this common goal among all systems, you can avoid what 40 percent of organizations cite as its greatest barrier—complexity. Complexity is the bane of productivity. An internal structure that is hard to navigate can discourage business units from working together – something that will directly impact the customer experience.

Facilitating a unified goal among different business units can happen in a number of ways, from utilizing technology to create bridges across cross-platform barriers to strategically deploying each unit to be aware of how the others individually function. If a contact center leader can encourage business units to rely on each other, the customer will receive an interaction that is much more informed and, as a result, satisfactory.

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