Age is Just a Number: All Generations Demand Effortless Customer Service

Most likely, you’ve heard the phrase “Age is just a number.” In the contact center industry, this slogan rings especially true. Although customer service channel usage has significantly shifted from only a few years ago, all generations demand – and deserve – effortless customer service. Whether it’s e-mail, chat, mobile or traditional voice, the end result should be the same: service that is fast, reliable and efficient. Taking this a step further “fast, reliable and efficient” service boils down to accurate, relevant and complete answers to each and every question asked and within their first contact with a company.So how can your contact center deliver upon this promise while responding to the disruption that’s happening across all ages and demographics? To help shed light on this question, Vocalcom released a whitepaper in conjunction with Forrester Research which provides tips and tricks to creating the right strategy to keep you ahead in the game.So what’s the most important ingredient to creating a delicious customer service recipe? Our research finds that the majority of customers consider valuing their time the most important factor. This means effortless transitions across every possible touchpoint (i.e. Web, tablet, in-person) and from the channel of their choice (i.e. voice, chat, e-mail, social) without having to once repeat themselves.For example, research shows that older customers are least tolerant to friction in customer service interactions. In fact, 43 percent of Gen Z (18-23 year-olds) who are online said that they are ‘very likely’ to abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions. Similarly, 63 percent agree that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good online customer service. This is in stark comparison to the 55 percent of Golden Generations (ages 68+) and Baby Boomers (57-67 year-olds) who said the same for the former statement and 76 percent who agreed with the latter.What about other generational comparisons? Click here to access our whitepaper in full!

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