Analysis: The Federal Government Invests in Telemarketing

With the upcoming implementation of Obama’s Affordable Care Act in 2014, the federal government is going to be looking for ways to utilize telemarketing services in an attempt to explain aspects of the new act to U.S. citizens.

Telemarketing investment by the government is nothing new, though. In 2012, the federal government spent over $322 million on telemarketing and call centers. In that time, 839 contracts were awarded to 172 companies, with an average value of $1,873,278 per company. With the market for governmental telemarketing looking to grow, here are a few ways that you can make your telemarketing software more appealing to the government.

Stay Off the “Do Not Call” List as Often as Possible

While every telemarketing firm will find themselves responsible for adding names to the “Do Not Call” registry, it’s important that your agents utilize best practices in order to segment their calls and to make sure that they do not call those who have already expressed a desire to not be reached.

Run an Efficient Telemarketing Firm

It’s important that each of your agents work to the best of his or her ability. As a business manager, it’s your job to ensure that this is achieved by integrating consistent evaluations, as well as best practices that are followed by each agent.

While there are certainly always going to be non-governmental groups looking for telemarketing services, the U.S. government is one of the more reliable organizations to work for. Any bid won from them is a great one.

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