Analysts Explain Why Unified Communications is Dominating the Contact Center

Anyone entrenched in the contact center space knows that the need for better communication and collaboration tools is a pressing one. But this is an “easier said than done” kind of situation, especially considering how rapidly new and improved technology and solutions emerge to the surface. It’s enough to make even the most skilled contact center manager’s palms a little clammy.

So…what’s all hype and what’s going over swimmingly? Right now, it’s all about unified communications (UC), or the integration of real-time communication services with non-real-time communication services. This could, for instance, mean integrating instant messaging (IM) or video conferencing with more traditional service methods like e-mail, SMS or fax. This is exactly what technological advents like WebRTC – the integration of real-time communication like video conferencing directly over Web browsers – is making such an impact on business communications and operations. Not only is UC an overall more innovative option for heightening contact center performance, but it’s touted as a serious cost saver and productivity booster. This has inevitably led to the growth of more sophisticated call center solutions like the Web-based contact center.

Recently, top IT research firm IDC dove into the UC market headfirst with its “Vendor Assessment of the Worldwide Unified Communications and Collaboration Market for 2013” report. Rich Costello, senior IDC research analyst, explained how choosing a unified communications and collaboration (UCC) provider should be based on a variety of differing criteria, including “call control, user profiles, communication and collaborative applications, cost savings and benefits and revenue-generating opportunities.”

With a greater demand being seen for mobility, enhanced collaboration and video conferencing, UC continues to prove itself to be an invaluable investment for improving business processes. Transparency Market Research also forecasted the growth of UC to hit $61.9 billion by 2018 – almost tripling in growth from its value of $22.8 billion back in 2011.

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