Approaching Multi-Channel Customer Service the Right Way

Your customers have been talking. Do you want to know what they’re saying? Research shows that a lot of it has to do with multi-channel service – and why your customers need it.

In fact, Forrester recently blogged about the explosion of servicing and engaging customers over multiple, innovative channels. Even more, recent research is showing that a disruption across all ages and demographics is changing customer service channel preferences:

  • Communication channels used today were not nearly as significant three years ago (i.e. SMS, click-to-call, screen sharing and virtual agents)
  • Online and digital communication channels are becoming more realized for customer service
  • Despite this, voice still maintains the highest satisfaction rating, followed by chat
  • Web self-service interactions have low satisfaction ratings (only 58 percent)
  • Social media as a customer service channel has lower ratings (56 percent), but Forrester believes this is due to the fact that social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) have not yet established widely-adopted business processes.

So what does analyst Kate Leggett suggest in light of this?

Focus on deploying communication channels that your customers want to use, and that are consistent with your value proposition to your customers. When you add new channels to your mix, ensure that you follow maintenance best practices so that you can support your customers to the level that meets their expectations.

As a provider of transformative, cost-efficient and reliable digital customer service solutions, we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. In fact, Vocalcom offers multiple ways not only for customers to engage with companies, but for business executives to manage their call center operations thanks to Hermes Cloud, which is natively integrated in the Salesforce CRM environment.

It’s not easy to unlock the mystery of providing stellar, seamless multi-channel customer support. Here at Vocalcom, we take pride in having done just that. To learn more, click here.

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