Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Company’s Website?

Imagine that one of your customers is surfing his or her favorite social network in search of a certain product. The customer is following a well-known retailer to see if there’s a deal on that sweater or is scouring a Facebook fan page to see if there’s a sale for followers only. Now imagine helping this customer by simply entering a chat and navigating them to that product. It sounds easy, but is it possible?Thanks to Vocalcom’s call center applications, software and solutions, like The Wave, you can provide your customers with exceptional online support as they search for or purchase a product.Simply put, The Wave is a call center application that looks to bring Internet users the support they need at any place and any time. This service allows any customer to select “Click to Chat” on a company’s website, allowing the user to contact your agents in real-time when they are in most need of assistance. There’s really no better way to build a close relationship with your customers than enabling them to contact you easily and quickly through your website.And agents can even video chat a user to better exchange information. With this application, we present yet another game-changing way to connect agents with customers and improve call center service over the Web.If you are looking to improve your customer’s experience while boosting your company’s reputation, then give The Wave a try – and give your customer’s something to talk about! And in the customer service world, customer service is certainly not cheap. Research shows that 90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 14 percent trust advertisements.Bottom line: the more satisfied you leave your customers, the more likely they will recommend your service.With the popularity of social networks, our service guarantees that you will come across more customers as they seek your help. In a short amount of time, you will be able to get to know your customers and offer them the excellent service they are looking to find. Your website is essentially the face of your company. Make a good impression with every single customer contact by optimizing your website. Then, turn your contacts into opportunities.The Wave is only one of many transformative digital customer service solutions we offer here at Vocalcom. Get to know all of our offerings better by clicking here.

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