Aster Healthcare opts for Dreambox cloud powered by Vocalcom contact centre software

Aster DM Healthcare, a leading UAE medical institution, has selected Vocalcom cloud contact centre partner Dreambox to deliver a unified contact centre software solution across multiple locations, including a vital emergency service.Dreambox implemented a Vocalcom unified and cloud platform across Aster Hospitals, Medical Centres and Pharmacies in the UAE to deliver a consistent experience for customers. Aster said that the solution has enabled it to accommodate more than 55 agents supporting over 300,000 calls per month. This includes the company’s flagship 800 Aster service, an emergency medical service which is available across the UAE.Headquartered in Dubai, under the DM Healthcare Network, Aster presently consists of 118 establishments providing primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare with management and consultancy services. The group is in the midst of large-scale expansion in the GCC and India with customer service agent numbers set to increase to 300 by the end of 2015.Consisting of two major brands and operating independently, MedCare and Aster, the group’s requirement was to have a centralised solution that would allow agents to operate from multiple locations and provide flexible growth and deployment actions.The group wanted to avoid significant costs, as well as complications and delays in deploying patient care services. The group needed a flexible solution that would help it launch across hospitals, medical centres and pharmacies while maintaining centralised reporting, management and administration function.To replace the previous system, DM Health Care Network wanted speed to launch, flexibility for growth, cost saving and a multitude features. Dreambox’s Cloud Contact Centre Software Solution, powered by Vocalcom, was the only provider able to deliver cloud contact centre in the UAE and meet the demands and expectations of DM Health Care Network from other service providers.”It is imperative for healthcare institutions to have the best systems in place especially when it comes to patient care,” said Mims Talsi, CEO of Dreambox.”They cannot compromise on quality, rapid response and ability to monitor, monetise and measure care activity. Dreambox was the obvious choice for DM Health Care network as we were able to provide them with a unified platform and help them integrate across all their branches in the UAE.”

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