At least 15 Percent of Customers Desire Online Assistance – Does Your Contact Center Give It to them?

There are many different options customers can take advantage of if they’re looking for that little extra service push. When it comes to finding the specific answers they’re looking for, there are more options than ever before for customers to use, regardless of where they’re located, such as in-store kiosks, automated responses and direct customer service applications on mobile devices.

With so many service options at the customers’ disposal, it’s no wonder that those companies who offer more than one channel for customers to access are faring the best in today’s extremely competitive landscape. For example, an aggregated infographic from ClickSoftare shows that 15 percent of customers are more likely to use online methods for help and for purchasing options versus going to the actual location of a store. Without leveraging multiple service options, how are you catering to these customers’ needs?

To this end, it’s incredibly important for companies to compete in today’s digital world by providing digitally accessible options and incorporate them into call center software. What benefits arise from investing in call center software that will provide a more enjoyable experience for the customer?

·         Improved customer retention

·         Improved customer satisfaction

·         Increased cross-selling

·         Increased up-selling

The right call center software will not just meet but exceed the needs of customers and their expectations, finally make it possible for companies to not just skim the surface, but truly out-perform the competition.

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