Avoid Being in the 70 Percent of Companies with Bad Twitter Etiquette with the Right Call Center Software

We’d like to invite you to take a quick walk in your customer’s shoes – more specifically, the thoroughly uncomfortable shoes worn immediately after enduring a horrible customer experience. Of course, you’re one of the millions of technologically-savvy consumers who take to Twitter to share your thoughts on everything from the latest movie to weekend plans to, most importantly, how frustrated you felt after receiving a broken product in the mail. After chatting with one of the company’s call center agents, your frustration is fueled even further after receiving no actionable answers. Naturally, you take to Twitter to air this dirty laundry.

Little do you know that the company you’re blasting in your tweet most likely doesn’t care much. In fact, the company will probably go on with its day and ignore your complaint altogether. Don’t believe us? New research has unfortunately proven this to be true. After analyzing and tracking over 1,200 Twitter complaints, research firms Maritz and Evolve24 found that only 29 percent of those complaints were replied to by the companies that were under fire. This represents 70 percent of companies who ignore their customers’ Twitter complaints.

Understandably, you’re also one of the 90 percent of consumers who trust peer recommendations as opposed to advertisements, which means your extensive social media network is now getting a raw glimpse of your company’s apparent inadequacies.

You need to stand apart from your competition, and right now, this boils down to straightening out your social media etiquette. Today’s advanced call center software keeps you in the successful 30 percent by not only capturing relevant information to maximize customer-to-agent connectivity, but by enabling you to identify certain terms, company handles and more. By queuing any mention of a verbal string (for example, “I was unsatisfied with that customer service”) you’ll proactively and immediately bolster agent connectivity – whether it’s a compliment or complaint.

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