Bad Weather Equals Bad News for Brick and Mortar Call Centers

Severe weather is a headache for everyone. When it comes to a brick and mortar call center, though, it can be the difference between call center agents and managers being able to effectively do their jobs, and work coming to a complete standstill (and, as we all know, any work coming to a standstill can lead to a huge dent in potential sales).

With 52 percent of midsize companies only being able to tolerate less than one hour of downtime for their most mission-critical data and applications, the answer as to whether your business can afford to risk bad weather is a resounding ‘No.’ Let’s take a look at some of the elements that will be affected for brick and mortar call centers during severe weather, as a way of pointing to the benefits of opting for a hosted call center solution.

Traffic Accidents

Your call center agents will have a difficult time getting to the office during severe weather. The roads are treacherous and accidents are bound to happen, unfortunately. When call center agents do finally arrive at work, what’s worse than discovering that the system is still down, preventing them from catching up on the work they’ve already missed?

Heavy Network Congestion

It’s standard fare that every network will become heavily congested during an outage. By utilizing a hosted solution, you can avoid this issue once and for all, ensuring that your data is safe and will be quickly and readily accessible.

Outage at ISP

When you are singularly dependent on an Internet service provider (ISP), your call center is at the mercy of that particular ISP. With a hosted call center solution, managers have more flexibility in troubleshooting these difficult issues to get online, utilizing the information and data that call center agents need to do their jobs best to keep customers most satisfied.

At the end of the day, what’s better than happy call center agents and customers?

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