Battle of the Cloud Contact Center

As contact centers increasingly rise to the cloud, a move for your business may feel inevitable. Before you make the jump, though, there is an important choice to make: Do you want your cloud contact center to be public, private or hybrid? While each option allows those in your company to enjoy simultaneous access to your most vital and useful information, there are distinctions between each service that may make one version the most beneficial for your contact center. Let’s take a moment and break down the components of each type of cloud.

Public Cloud

Maintaining a public cloud contact center is a great way to give your agents and employees unfettered access to applications and storage through the public Internet. Such an option would allow those in your company – even approved guests – the ability to access important files from any computer with Wi-Fi or broadband access.

Private Cloud

For added security, a private cloud contact center may be your company’s ideal choice. Customizable for a single organization, private cloud allows for restricted access for those behind your company’s firewall. The initial costs involved in adopting a private cloud approach can be higher than with public cloud, but the ability to scale up and customize as you go are a few of the benefits.

Hybrid Cloud

Offering public and private elements, a hybrid cloud contact center model allows your company to utilize on-premises resources and also tap into an extensive off-site cloud infrastructure, giving you security, as well as flexibility.

Now that you know more about the different types of cloud services, it begs the question: Which version is right for your company? Click here to begin exploring Vocalcom’s cloud contact center solutions.

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