BBB Warns Against Fraudulent Telemarketing Ploys

We read about it all the time. Seniors being swindled by some fast-talking, pushy or downright deceptive “company” who preys on their vulnerability; the kind that gets them to part with their hard-earned savings for a product they don’t need, don’t want or one that may not even exist.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been reporting that such incidences are on the rise, with disreputable companies using scare tactics and intimidation to get seniors to give up sensitive personal information—like their banking information—which can be used for future fraudulent purposes.

As a result, BBB watchdogs are warning consumers not to provide sensitive personal or financial information to cold-calling companies. “One never knows what ethically-challenged companies or employees will do with sensitive customer information, but it could easily lead to identity theft and financial loss,” said a BBB spokesperson.

Such warnings make everyone more wary of telemarketing calls—even legitimate ones. Yet telemarketing, when done right, is one of the most effective ways to reach your potential customers. So the question is: How do you proceed with your campaign, yet avoid the pitfalls?

To ensure that your company doesn’t end up tarred with the “pushy” brush or worse, your campaign must avoid all appearances of deception or intimidation and find the balance between effectively pursuing a sale and browbeating a potential customer. Even honest and well-intentioned call agents can sometimes let their zeal overtake their good sense. Robust telemarketing software that supports and monitors your call agents is the best defense against such an instance.

Additionally, all agents will be following a carefully crafted script, calls may be recorded for review and complete reporting capabilities allow your supervisors to keep a close eye on your telemarketing campaign as it is rolled out. By use of such telemarketing software, your company will stay in the public eye, but remain off the BBB’s watchlist.

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