Benefits of a Native Cloud Call Center Solution in Salesforce

The native cloud contact center powered by Salesforce is designed from the ground up to help your business deliver better service from phone to Web to social media. You’ll be able to do everything that you currently do, just better and more efficiently.

Proactive Virtual Queuing

Every call center aims to connect the right customer with the right agent who is utilizing the correct method of communication. With Salesforce’s native cloud call center solution, agents are able to make changes regarding inbound and outbound customer interactions without the need for IT assistance.

Hermes Cloud

For agents, there are few things more convenient than being able to assist the customer by tracking, responding and reporting on interactions. Hermes Cloud provides agents with the deep visibility they need to keep track of these metrics using powerful reporting tools, making sure that every step of the customer experience is conducted in the most efficient manner possible. Of course, the end goal here is for customers and agents to have the best contact center experience possible.

Moreover, the Salesforce activity record works to update details automatically and embed the information. With so many ways in which the native cloud call center makes interactions convenient for agents and customers alike, there is little doubt that the cloud will become the new standard method of information distribution and the carrier of call center services.

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