Benefits of a Virtual Call Center vs. Outsourcing

A recent article from NPR discusses how American companies are increasingly looking to virtual call centers versus outsourcing options to provide customer service. In the past, companies might have been tempted to first turn towards outsourcing their customer service operations; however today, non-traditional methods have shown to be a more popular and effective approach.

Virtual call centers provide many benefits, one of which is that companies can still deliver high-quality customer support service and minimize costs at the same time without needing to rely on services that are based overseas.

This type of set up also provides a reduced employee turnover. Since companies are able to hand-select individuals to work from afar – just as if they would for an in-house operation – there’s greater control in the hiring process to bring in employees that can be depended on.

A call center that isn’t limited to one geographic location also helps an organization when it comes to disaster recovery or implementing business plans. Even if a weather disaster occurs, companies are able to depend on their employees that are situated in other areas to continue to provide excellent and dependable customer service.

These are just a few of the benefits these types of call centers can deliver. With greater control of the hiring process, reduced business expenses, increased flexibility and more, virtual call centers can easily provide the valuable, positive and dependable customer service interactions that are needed to see serious business growth. With technology and call center software caught in states of constant evolution, businesses no longer need to depend on outsourced options in order to meet these needs. 

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