Best Practices for Engaging Your Customers on Twitter

Twitter was declared the world’s fastest-growing social platform according to a recent infographic from Media Bistro. In fact, the site reportedly added 40 percent more active users between Q2 and Q4 of last year.

It seems pretty clear that this platform is one you should be leveraging to establish responsive customer connections and communications in real-time to position your brand as a reliable industry resource and thought-leader.

So, just how active are customers on Twitter? According to the infographic: 

  • 27 percent of customers posted a positive comment about a company or product
  • 33 percent asked a question to the public about a specific product or service

Bottom line: your customers are looking to engage with you on Twitter. To get on the ball, you need to establish a strong presence on this platform to integrate innovative customer service strategies. In light of this, here are some best practices for engaging with your customers on Twitter:

Tip #1: For business purposes, it can be very helpful to implement hashtags in your tweets. For example, you can relate your business offerings to trending hashtags or create your own hashtag to engage your customers and pique their interest. For instance, let’s say that you see the hashtag #OneThingIWant trending. As a call center solutions provider, you can tweet this hashtag with the words “virtual call center.”

Tip #2: Remember, in a world restricted by 140 characters, dialogues with your customers have to become much more concise. Think carefully about what you have to say and then say it. You only have a small space to creatively express your company and your brand, while at the same time, quickly and appropriately communicating with customers.

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