Best Practices for Gauging Employee Engagement

Every company wants to know whether its employees are helping it succeed and grow. In particular, evaluating the sales and service staff—those who are the face of the company and are intimately involved in growing the bottom line—is a priority. 

Surveys have shown that employees who are fully engaged are more likely to be committed to achieving company goals. Therefore, regularly measuring employee engagement is critical to maintaining the company’s financial health. The right call center applications, software and solutions can help conduct those surveys and feed key data into your analytics dashboard.

Forrester Research analyst Sam Stern gets asked frequently about how to best gauge employee engagement, and he shares some key metrics in a recent blog, including: confidence in the company’s mission; an Employee Net Promoter Score; and support and confidence of their direct managers.

Bottom line: A negative rating in any of these could mean that the employee is at risk of defection.

Like customers, your employees want a multi-channel experience. Surveys can be tailored to a variety of response options, including phone, text, e-mail and even social media. The right call center solution should be able to provide a variety of ways to analyze data, such as by time period (month over month, year over year), and experience (senior agents vs. junior agents, for example).

What you measure is up to you. The key point is that delighting customers starts with delighting employees. Using the right technology to measure the engagement of your front-line personnel will ensure that you are providing a good work experience for them. Keep them satisfied and they will always be in your corner.

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