Beware of How You Use Your Predictive Dialer

In order to secure a spot in today’s ultra-competitive landscape, companies need to promote and secure solid, trusting customer relationships. There’s a wide array of technology available to support your customer engagement and loyalty initiatives; however, some businesses choose to utilize these tools for the complete opposite reason, which can push their customers away. For one credit card issuer, these limits were pushed so far as to have its customers file a lawsuit against issuing company.

A new story has surfaced involving a $5 million settlement with a credit card issuer who decided to abuse the use of automatic and predictive dialers for customer harassment, which violates the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Listen up, because when it comes to these types of stories, every business should be all ears.

The case involves a group of individuals who reportedly say that credit card issuers World Financial Network National Bank NA repeatedly called individuals for debt collection purposes when, in actuality, they were uninvolved. The debacle led the group of individuals to request a Florida federal judge to approve a $5 million settlement this summer. The plaintiffs’ attorney explained that if approved, the settlement will provide class members with up to $1,500 per documented call from the bank. The attorney went on to say that the settlement is “fair, reasonable and adequate.”

It just goes to show that misusing your predictive dialer could cost you thousands – or millions – of dollars. Predictive dialing technology should be empowering your business to establish efficient customer relationships: are you guaranteeing that this is your business’ end-result?

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