Bringing CRM Back to the Basics

As technology in the call center software becomes ever more sophisticated, it’s easy to forget who’s at the heart of all of these great advances: the customer. It’s especially important to keep this fact top of mind when dealing with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Performance metrics and analytics are certainly important (and a great CRM dialer can help you track agent performance and keep up with such call center standards), but let’s take a look at another way that your call center’s CRM strategy can be enhanced to constantly put the customer front and center: social media.

Use All of the Channels that Your Customer Wants

As we all know, the customer is always right, and that extends to the type of channel that they prefer to use. Whether it be via phone, e-mail, chat, Facebook or Twitter, it’s important that your call center software allows your agents to respond to each channel of communication as efficiently as possible.

Understand Customer Motivations

It’s just not enough for call center managers to know that customers are interacting with agents via social media rather than phone – they need to find out why. Regular surveys about channel preference can help hone in on the state of existing channels being offered, as well as help spur ideas for new ones.

Reach Out on Social Media

While you never want a customer to feel as though you are “stalking” them on social media, it is always good to regularly search out specific terms related to your company and figure out ways to address customer issues before they grow into a problem that can be overwhelming.

These are just a few of the ways that your call center can keep the customer on top. What are some of your favorite ways to let a customer know that they’re number one in your call center?

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