Build Your Contact Center Team, Build Your Business

Successfully measuring employee engagement means understanding employee sentiments and motivations. This provides companies with a deeper understanding of both why an employee is in a specific role and what can be done to better facilitate what that individual has to offer. You may be thinking that this is a simple and self-explanatory process; however, 65 percent of employees say they would work harder if they were better recognized at work, according to aggregated data from a Yast infographic. There are clearly some gaps that need to be bridged here.

When looking to understand the sentiments and motivations of your employee base, start with the basics; figure out who your employees are and why they work the way they do. Effectively gathering and leveraging this information and comparing it to other metrics, such as specific role and tenure, can help develop engagement and retention in numerous ways. For example, which employees are ready to rise to the next level, and which are content in their current role? Consider that only 27 percent of employees feel that they are involved in important decisions made by their employer, according to data from a separate infographic by Entrepreneur.

Now, the question is how to learn this about your workforce. For starters, try collecting data using employee engagement surveys. This strategy makes it easy and simple to precisely glean employee motivations and sentiments; however, remember to make the survey as comprehensive as possible. Compare these points to other valuable metrics (for example, tenure,) and valuable information is likely to surface.

By understanding the feelings and motivations of your employee base – the group of people who are keeping your business afloat – your company is likely to gain a better understanding of how it needs to function. Remember, at the end of the day, building your contact center team means building your business.

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