Businesses Stand to Benefit from Maintaining Domestic Call Centers

It’s no secret that some companies outsource their call center services overseas. Unfortunately, for those companies, that move may result in deteriorated customer service. We’ve all been there before; frustrated by a product that’s not working, we call customer support and are finally connected with an employee who we can tell learned English as a second language. That voice sounds quiet and distant, like it’s coming from the other side of the globe. And sometimes it is.

The topic of call center outsourcing has been a hot one in the United States especially. Many argue that companies who choose to keep their call centers on American soil undoubtedly are a step ahead of their competition. This is because customers will notice a more articulate voice on the other end of the line that’s coming in loud and clear.

From a business perspective, domestic call centers equipped with modern call center applications allow companies to offer a consistent service product to their customers. Not only will they be talking to people who are familiar with the same culture that they come from, but customers will benefit from truly seamless communication, as they’ll be with someone who is relatively close to them from a geographical perspective compared to an employee working in a call center overseas.

Additionally, outsourcing call centers—an unfavorable trend to the public who know all too well about the country’s sluggish economy—does not create jobs in America. In fact, a bill denying public funds to companies who outsource call center jobs recently passed New Jersey’s General Assembly. 

And so the consensus goes: By deciding to operate domestic call centers instead of outsourcing them, companies will notice increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and financial incentives in the form of public grants and tax benefits.

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