Call Center Activity Reports – More Useful Than Ever

Vast amounts of data improve numerous aspects of the call center experience in 2013 – from what types of multi-channel solutions to offer to best times to call customers even to figuring out what to say when on the phone with those customers.

One source of data that is at every call center manager’s fingertips, though, is the information contained in activity reports. Call center applications, solutions and software that provide activity reports enable managers and decision makers to gain useful knowledge about whom their agents are speaking with, how long and what they say, as well as get a better idea of how well customers respond to certain phrasing and keywords.

Next Steps Beyond the Activity Report

With every call center manager hoping to find ways to leverage the information contained in an activity report, it’s important to also keep in mind the ways in which agents can learn from the mistakes and attributes of their colleagues. Furthermore, the aggregate of all agent experience makes for useful data in and of itself. Take a look at common mistakes that agents may be making and conduct workshops with agents on ways that they can all improve.

The End Result

With the successful implementation of activity reports, your call center can increase efficiency and find new ways to service not just customers, but also to create a camaraderie among team members, realling working together as one cohesive unit to achieve the main objectives of the organization.  

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