Call Center Week 2013: Multi-Channel Service, the Cloud, and Making One Big Transition

At this year’s 14th Annual Call Center Week 2013, what happens in Vegas certainly doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Held in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 10-14, Call Center Week 2013 turned out to be yet another successful venture for the world’s largest industry event. And with the main topics of discussion – multi-channel engagement, cloud call center applications and solutions and the ultimate transition from a “call” to “contact” center – it’s no wonder the experience was so fulfilling for those who participated.

If you weren’t able to make it, there’s no need to worry because Vocalcom’s got you covered.

If any one thing was made clear from the event, it was that the age of multi-channeling has officially begun for the contact center. The event itself promoted the use of multi-channel engagement with its very own Twitter hashtag (#CallCenterWeek) as well as check-ins and “likes” through its mobile app. Marketing Manager Gahwui Kim described the event’s first day as “a fabulous day full of learning and networking.”

The topic of the call center officially transitioning to the “contact” center was a huge point made by many in attendance. The industry is shifting to encompass customer service across many diverse avenues, with a high emphasis being placed on Web, social media and mobile. And of course, cloud telephony is a huge driver of this diversification and growth.

Call Center Excellence awards were also distributed to a multitude of companies, including Stream Global Services, Startek, Discover, Bath and BodyWorks and Experian Consumer Services, among others.

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