CIOs Express Their Primary Cloud Concerns in New Study

It’s unfortunate that CIOs today feel they cannot invest in cloud computing due to a fear of experiencing negative side effects. A recent global survey commissioned by independent research and consulting firm Research In Action provides new insight into CIO attitudes and concerns related to cloud computing usage – and the results are frustrating at best.

Results from the study show that the majority of CIOs (79 percent) are concerned about the “hidden costs” associated with the cloud. Included in their top concerns were poor end user experience, the impact of poor performance on brand perception and customer loyalty, and decreased revenue due to poor availability or performance of cloud services. It seems as though these leading concerns conflict with the majority of CIOs’ top business priorities – which includes raising the bar on cloud adoption.

Findings from the report also show that:

  • Companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to deliver business-critical applications (i.e. e-commerce).
  • 81 percent of CIOs are either already using cloud-based e-commerce platforms or plan to within the next 12 months.
  • 73 percent of companies are still using outdated methods to track and/or manage application performance.

“The cloud is increasingly being used to deliver business-critical applications, so it is quite shocking that most companies are just waiting for problems to occur and then firefighting,” said Thomas Mendel, managing director at Research In Action.

“Effectively monitoring and managing modern cloud-based applications and services requires a new approach designed to work in today’s complex, hybrid and dynamic environments. Failure to do so could have a hugely detrimental impact on reputation, customer loyalty and revenues.”

Many call center executives are in demand to bring their operations to the cloud; however, right now, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your cloud call center software or solution is supporting your core objectives while complementing your budget.

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