Cloud-Based Call Center Software Developed for Emergencies

A smoothly functioning call center is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction, but what about saving lives? Yes, handling customer inquiries with ease and securing sales is a must, but what about when the individual on the other end of the line is facing imminent danger? Cloud-based call center software, which hosts 9-1-1 services in a number of locations, is making such services more efficient for operators and civilians alike.With advanced, cloud-based centers with full 9-1-1 support, on-site services experience a notably lower burden of responsibility because servers are replaced with routers to redirect calls and more classic phone lines are replaced by multiprotocol label switching connections. Multiple connection points allow for fast and reliable service no matter where the server is installed, be it a desktop or a back-room office. For one cloud-based 9-1-1 service, this technology proved so invaluable that not a single customer faced a server outage during the chaos of Superstorm Sandy. In terms of cost, the dollar is stretched farther in a cloud-based option, seeing how hardware and software no longer need to be physically maintained or provisioned.With an added push to receive emergency alerts by text – including photo, video or other documentation – transformative, cloud-based call center software continues to raise the bar for emergency and municipal purposes. With the increased abilities of the cloud, text alerts are supported by 9-1-1 centers the moment carriers decide to offer the feature, which is showing a healthy increase in adoption.Cloud-based 9-1-1 centers provide the intelligence to route, transfer and maintain the quality of calls in the most critical of situations. If you’ve been considering how to best elevate your emergency contact center in order to reflect today’s technological advancements, then it’s time to think about the revolutionary effect the cloud is having on the center industry – especially if your company is facing an issue in need of immediate action. For more information or to get started with a cloud-based call center, click here.

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