Cloud-Based Software Continues to Represent a Sizeable Portion of IT Budgets

Cloud-based software and services are truly starting to impact IT decision makers within the small- to medium-sized business (SMB). SMBs are rising to the cloud to meet a variety of critical business needs – whether it’s supporting productivity solutions, content filtering, backup/recovery or for business continuity. This momentum is more than evident in a new “State of the SMB IT 2013” semi-annual report from Spiceworks, which details just what we can expect regarding SMB cloud adoption.

For many SMBs, IT budgets are on the uprise, and this expansion is reflective of a growing interest in the cloud. In fact, the cloud has proliferated so greatly that for the first time, the survey is now including a separate category specifically dedicated to IT budget spending on cloud-based software – which is expected to represent between 33 to 35 percent of SMB’s IT budgets over the next six months.

Also within the report, it was revealed that SMBs on the smaller side are “leading the charge into the cloud.” The report further elaborates that cloud-based and hosted services are slated to reach a new peak, as 61 percent of survey respondents said they are using cloud-based services today, and an additional 5 percent are planning to do so within the next six months.

The cloud plays a vital role in securing business efficiency within the call center. By embracing a digital cloud-based call center with virtual call center software, businesses have seen greater transparency, adaptability, stronger geographic support and more rapid installation, which translates to more time spent on customers and securing sales.

We’re looking forward to seeing what impact cloud software will continue to have on the evolving call center industry.


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