Cloud Computing: Enabling the Complete Omni-Channel Experience

Your customers are using more channels every day to engage with your company and your brand. They research online and buy in the store; they pick out a favorite item in the store and text a picture of it to their social group to get their opinion; and they wait until they’ve gotten thorough peer feedback before making a purchase. Once home, they tweet a photo of themselves in their new outfit, showing everyone what they bought and mentioning where they bought it. Then someone comes into your store and shows an employee a picture of the outfit on Twitter saying, “I like this top but do you have it in blue?”

Their interactions with your contact center are equally diverse. From calling to emailing, online chat, using a mobile app, tweeting and commenting on your Facebook page, your customers are interacting with your contact center in multiple ways, and it’s critical that all those interactions are seamlessly connected and up to date.

A cloud contact center solution facilitates omni-channel service, bringing all your customer interactions together quickly and seamlessly into a single user interface. No matter what channel customers reach out to you through, with a cloud solution, agents have all the data they need to understand the chain of interaction and provide a targeted, personal response.

Chief Advantages of Cloud Computing

As brands continue to look for ways to be cutting edge without breaking the budget, a cloud contact center offers several key benefits:

·         It’s more cost efficient than a traditional contact center solution

·         It offers targeted, personalized interactions in real-time

·         It provides the opportunity to hire the best agents (and specialists) regardless of geographic boundaries

·         The customer interaction is the same high quality no matter the channel

As customers’ expectations for service excellence continue to increase, look for solutions that offer a seamless, high quality omni-channel experience. A cloud contact center is the answer. 

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