Cloud Computing to Take European Healthcare Industry by Storm

Two of the most important items on any verticals’ “To-Do List” are usually always the same: Improve quality and improve costs. The cloud has been a hit for business professionals seeking to achieve the above with advanced call center solutions, and now, the European healthcare industry is finding that cloud computing can do just the same.

A new report by top industry analyst Frost & Sullivan shows that a number of the industry’s solutions are being streamlined, including healthcare information systems (HIS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and clinical systems (CIS). There is a great need in this market for a solution that will allow all of these systems to communicate with one another efficiently and unfailingly. Many believe that cloud computing is just the right solution.

“By using cloud computing, the expenditure on hardware and storage space would be cut down, as cloud storage can cost almost 10 times less than regular storage systems," explained Raghuraman Madanagopal Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Analyst. "In addition, cloud storage implementation may result in a drastic readjustment of the amount spent on training resources to manage the storage systems."

Healthcare Industry Security

In the healthcare industry, there is a great need for patient privacy, so while cloud computing implementation is certainly helping the industry reach heights in Europe, it’s very important that certain information be restricted and barriers be placed within the cloud to maintain security, even for those who have access to others pockets of information.

“Cloud service providers are constantly innovating themselves and improving their security standards in order to comply with different regulations and ensure high security," says Madanagopal. "The advantages of cloud computing in terms of storage size and storage efficiency, data loss prevention and facilitating synchronized and authorized sharing of data can change the dynamics of the European healthcare informatics industry in the course of time.

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