Cloud Contact Center: The Solution to Your Channel-Agnostic, Customer-Centric Strategy

If you haven’t made the move to a cloud contact center yet, now is a good time. Cloud solutions are more available today than ever and there are many opportunities to find the services you need.

The cloud solutions industry has tripled in size over the last five years, from $46 billion in 2008 to what is estimated to be more than $150 billion by 2014. In fact, the overall cloud computing growth rate is five times that of the overall IT growth rate globally. And, currently, nearly 40 percent of CRM systems sold globally are cloud-based.

As spending on global public IT services continues to rise—approaching $100 billion by 2015—companies increasingly look for ways to improve their customer service offering while reducing costs. Moving the contact center to the cloud can help. 

Cloud-based contact center solutions provide the ability to manage customers’ multichannel contacts through a single user interface, but respond to customer requests through the channel of their choice, turning all interactions into a seamless conversation. 

They are also more fiscally efficient, as virtual servers and other cloud-based services eliminate many overhead costs. They offer more flexible hiring options, such as the ability to cover swing shifts and secure the experienced employees who might not live within a reasonable commuting distance.

Other strategic benefits include the ability to scale up and down as needed, provide redundancy, and make quick and easy adds, changes and system upgrades. For these reasons, by 2014, 60 percent of server workloads will be virtualized.

A majority of your communications are already digital—from online advertising to websites, e-mail and social media. A cloud contact center not only completes your channel-agnostic, customer-centric strategy, but allows you to take service and satisfaction to unprecedented new heights.

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